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XAKER (Hacker Services and articles).


  1. Services of professional hackers (HACKING SERVICES)

    Hacking services, hacker services, (Provision of services) The offer of hacker services and other hacker services. Advertising the services of professionals. Here are the ads of only those hackers who have been verified on the site. In this section you can find a specialist and read reviews about his work. Services of experienced hackers and hacking to order. Attention! Those who do not want to pass the test, leave their ads in the appropriate section. Sincerely Administration. Hacker Forum. xakervip.com

  2. Hacking services (REFUSED VERIFICATION).

    The section is for those users who refused to pass the verification on the forum. In this section, ads are given by those who did not want to or turned out to be tested. We do not want to say that these users are scammers, IN ANY CASE!!! The forum of professional hackers does not limit anyone, does not repel anyone and is happy for everyone. I REPEAT! THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT A USER WHO DOES NOT PASS THE CHECK IS A FRAUDSTER, THE REASONS FOR REFUSAL OR UNWILLINGNESS TO PASS IT MAY BE DIFFERENT. Sincerely Administration. Hacker Forum. xakervip.com

  3. About professional hackers (ARTICLES AND STORIES).

    Articles and news of the Hacker world. We share the latest news from the hacker world. The hacker forum invites you to tell personally about yourself anonymously, what new or interesting things you encountered on the network, what new things you noticed, how you bypassed protection, how you worked, alone or in a group, etc. Thanks. Sincerely Administration. Forum of hackers and programmers. xakervip.com

  4. Requests for help.

    Here, leave your appeals to those who need help, asking them to help you. Requests for help hacking anything or anyone, and you can also ask questions here. Please note that it is still a priority to contact a specialist directly. Sincerely Administration. Forum of programmers and hackers. xakervip.com


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