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  1. Web vulnerability.

    Everything about resource vulnerabilities, hacking attempts, server weaknesses, page hacking and how to approach this case correctly. Test for holes in any systems, hacker attacks and hacking attempts, successful and unsuccessful attacks. Please follow the sections. Thanks. Sincerely Administration. Hacker portal. xakervip.com

  2. Social network

    This section is devoted to articles about social networks, stories about hacking pages, social networks, personal experience of hacking pages, successful, unsuccessful hacking attempts, etc. Any topics that relate to social.networks. Please post in this section only on the topic. Thanks. Sincerely Administration. Forum of professional hackers. xakervip.com

  3. E-Mail (Mail).

    Everything about mailboxes and services, articles and stories about cases of mail hacking, using mail, etc. In general, the section is dedicated to soap!Advertising, mail hacking services, hacker services, social network hacking services, etc. (PROHIBITED). Leave ads in the sections corresponding to your topic. Thanks. Sincerely Administration. Forum of professional hackers. xakervip.com

  4. Malware.

    Malware that is aimed mainly at hacking corporate mail and corporate networks that are used by professional hackers for various purposes. Such programs are very difficult to find in the public domain. Moreover, to find such software, you need to be able to use it! Be careful. Sincerely Administration. Forum of experienced hackers. xakervip.com

  5. Soft Hacker

    In this section we post programs for hacking pages, hacking mail, WhatsApp and so on, as well as programs for information security, VPN programs, Proxy and the like, in general, everything that will help to hack or protect yourself and various means of Anonymization. We observe the sections, do not write topics anywhere. Thanks. Sincerely, the Hacker Forum. xakervip.com

  6. Freebie (I'll give it away for free).

    Attention! Everything is free in this section. Hacking services, Hacker services, hacker forum and other advertising do not need to be published here. An example of topics that are allowed: Distribution of hacked mail, Beautiful mail addresses, beautiful ICQ numbers, distribution of social network accounts, etc. Everything is free! Special thanks to those who will do hacking for free as a regular hacker's help. We observe the sections! Sincerely Administration. Hacker Forum. xakervip.com

  7. Help with various software problems and computer problems.

    I will create this section to help with the problem that has occurred with your computer. That is, there is a problem with activation, installation, compatibility, etc. Please follow the sections! Sincerely Administration. Hacker Forum. xakervip.com


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